Asa Baber

Asa Baber Photo

Asa Baber's 1992 Speech at the October Symposium in Austin, Texas (Audio Files)


Apple Stock Chart

Apple's Stock Chart

Claire and Dave Crosby - performance of “A Million Dreams”

Claire and Dave Crosby Melt Hearts with ‘A Million Dreams’

Perfect Pitch Test - 5 yr Old Clair vs. Dad

Perfect Pitch Test - 5 yr Old Clair vs. Dad

Men in America Part 9

Tucker Carlson talks with Jordan Peterson about the left's attack on men!

Men in America Part 8

Tucker Carlson explains that the decline of men has a great deal to do with the absence of fathers in families!

Men in America Part 7

Christina Hoff Summers discusses with Tucker Carlson the War On Boys!

Men in America Part 6

Tucker Carlson explains how Obama supported women and girls, but left out men and boys.

Men in America Part 5

Mike Rowe explains to Tucker Carlson how men become emasculated by unemployment!

Men in America Part 4

Tucker Carlson explains why Washington is not worried about the Mens Wage Crisis.

Men in America Part 3

Tucker Carlson talks with Warren Ferrell about the Boy Crisis and what has happened to fathers in America.

Men in America Part 2

David Paul Khun discusses wage crisis among men in America with Tucker Carlson.

Men in America Part 1

Something Ominous is happening to men and boys in America!

As Good As It Gets

How to Write Women in a novel, by Jack Nicholson...

The Fence Test by Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy

If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test!


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