Claire and Dave Crosby - performance of “A Million Dreams”

Claire and Dave Crosby Melt Hearts with ‘A Million Dreams’

Perfect Pitch Test - 5 yr Old Clair vs. Dad

Perfect Pitch Test - 5 yr Old Clair vs. Dad

Men in America Part 9

Tucker Carlson talks with Jordan Peterson about the left's attack on men!

Men in America Part 8

Tucker Carlson explains that the decline of men has a great deal to do with the absence of fathers in families!

Men in America Part 7

Christina Hoff Summers discusses with Tucker Carlson the War On Boys!

Men in America Part 6

Tucker Carlson explains how Obama supported women and girls, but left out men and boys.

Men in America Part 5

Mike Rowe explains to Tucker Carlson how men become emasculated by unemployment!

Men in America Part 4

Tucker Carlson explains why Washington is not worried about the Mens Wage Crisis.

Men in America Part 3

Tucker Carlson talks with Warren Ferrell about the Boy Crisis and what has happened to fathers in America.

Men in America Part 2

David Paul Khun discusses wage crisis among men in America with Tucker Carlson.

Men in America Part 1

Something Ominous is happening to men and boys in America!

As Good As It Gets

How to Write Women in a novel, by Jack Nicholson...

The Fence Test by Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy

If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test!

Men's Health Starts Here!

Men's Health Starts Here!

Why Men Don't Seek Help

Paul Elam speaks about why men don't seek help. This includes medical, psychological, and other resources.



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